Potty Mouth Pottery Night

This is an ADULT ONLY pottery event where you can paint whatever the $#%& you want. Do you want a mug that will tell the world how you really feel? Maybe you have a friend who could use a plate with a real f@*%$g life inspirational message on it? Tonight is the night to get your paint on and tell us what is really on your mind. We have potty mouth templates to help you out, or paint your own ducking design! $10 reservation covers your studio fee for the night. Includes a ticket for your chance to win one of our prizes (some cool sh*&!) Pottery choice additional. BYOB & Snacks Remember, ADULTS ONLY. You must be 18+ years old to attend, so try not to be an @$$ about it! Book online here or call 856-782-6567 to reserve your freaking spot…and don’t wait so flipping long to call this time!