How It Works

No Experience Necessary!

Pick your piece to paint.  We have 100’s of items to choose from.

Choose your colors and design. We’re here to help with lots of techniques, tools, and tips.

Paint, have fun and leave your piece with us to fire in our kilns.

Your masterpiece is ready for pickup one week later. 

Our products are non-toxic and food-safe.

Our Pricing 
$10 Studio Fee/painter, plus the price of pottery.
Your Studio Fee includes the glazing and firing process, and 65 colors to choose from.
Pottery pieces start at $15, with the average piece around $20. 
Open Tuesday to Sunday 12-6, Friday Night until 8, Closed Monday
We have indoor seating, outdoor tables and are continuing our popular Pottery TO-GO. 
Reservations Recommended, Walk-Ins Welcome
Reserve by Phone 856-782-6567
Reserve an Outdoor Table Online Here
Reserve an Inside Table (masks required) Online Here